Steel Tubular Piling

Green Piling prides itself in investing in the newest piling rigs with highly efficient modern accelerated hammers and the most up to date computerised installation systems. As Green Piling installs Steel Tubular piles using the same piling rig as our pre-stressed Precast piles; we are able to explore value engineering options for combined Precast/tube piling solutions for suitable projects.

Pitched in lengths up to 14m, the high strength of the steel tubular sections has the advantage of being suited to aggressive and complex ground conditions containing cobbles and/or boulder obstructions, sloping rock head or contaminated ground. High vertical and horizontal load capacities are achievable relative to the section sizes, and are available in 140mm up to 762mm diameter open ended Steel Tube.

Green Piling’s steel tubular piles utilise reclaimed steel tube primarily from the oil and gas industries.

Steel Tubular piles generate no bore spoil for costly disposal; have minimal pile cut off waste and trimming costs and can attain high production rates, making them a robust and piling solution for the more challenging geotechnical sites.

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