Green Piling are the only manufacturers of a pre-stressed, precast concrete pile in Mainland UK.

In 2016 Green Piling set up a purpose-built manufacturing facility mirroring the best techniques and using the best plant available from Holland, manufacturing 200mm and 250mm square pre-stressed piles and making piles available to Green Piling and other piling contractors.

Pre-stressed piles are manufactured by placing steel strands in pre-determined pile segment lengths of between 4m-15m+ in 75m long continuous moulds under a pre-calculated tensile strength. High strength self-compacting concrete is poured into the moulds and cured overnight. The next day the strands are de-stressed and the resulting steel strength, held and locked into place, is then in turn transferred to the concrete through the curing process, creating compressive strength into the finished pile element. This induced compressive strength in turn reduces the need for full length traditional longitudinal and helical reinforcement, leading to a robust concrete pile that is both economic and more environmentally friendly to produce.

There are many advantages of this manufacturing technique; from the reduction in the amount of steel and labour required compared to a more traditionally reinforced precast pile, to having stiffer piles, less breakages, longer lengths etc. The pile also hasn’t the need of a sub-process of manufacturing reinforcement cages beforehand, and can be driven sooner after manufacture than a traditionally reinforced and cured Precast pile.

In 2019 we extended facilities at our Chesterfield manufacturing Facility with the purchase of further moulds and equipment, and produced over 126,400 lin meters of pre-stressed precast pile, which is available to order for your next construction project.

For all manufacturing enquiries please contact our Factory Manager