Precast Concrete Piling 

Green Piling are the only manufacturers of  pre-stressed, precast concrete piles in Mainland UK

Green Piling offer the design, supply, and installation of both traditionally reinforced, and pre-stressed precast concrete piles.

In 2016 Green Piling set up a purpose-built manufacturing facility mirroring the best techniques and using the best plant available from Holland, manufacturing 200mm and 250mm square pre-stressed piles.

Pre-stressed piles offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally reinforced precast piles, as rather than requiring full length bar and helical reinforcement, pre-stressed piles are reinforced with 4nr steel pre-tensioned tendons, resulting in the production of high strength concrete.

Green Piling’s precast concrete piles are an efficient form of piling; suitable for a wide range of ground conditions and are typically more economically advantageous than other piling systems as no spoil removal is required, higher production rates are attainable and piles are left ready for immediate follow on construction.

If you require any assistance with any future projects, or wish to talk about a current project, contact us below;

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