Continuous Flight Auger Piling

Green Piling have a wide range of Plant fleet to suit the size of virtually vibration-free Pile installation

Green Piling prides itself in investing in the newest piling rigs with the most up to date computerised installation systems showing the auger depth, speed of rotation and rate of penetration, ensuring the driver has complete control of the installation process.

Green Piling offer installation of CFA piles in a wide range of sizes from 300mm to 1000mm diameter, which can be installed up to depths of 28m. Our varied piling rig fleet can cater for a range of capabilities, from low headroom/restricted access up to the largest 80T piling rigs for large scale developments.

Continuous Flight Auger piles are suitable for most soil conditions and construction projects as they are ideal when piling is required close to existing buildings or in built up areas. It is considered to be virtually vibration free piling solution and therefore suitable for most inner city or noise/vibration sensitive piling projects.