Pre-Cast Concrete Piling

Green Piling are the only manufacturers of a pre-stressed, precast concrete pile in Mainland UK.

Green Piling have a purpose-built Pre-stressed Precast pile manufacturing facility mirroring the best techniques and using the best plant available from Europe, to manufacture 200mm and 250mm square pre-stressed piles in up to 15m sections.

Pre-stressed precast piles differ from traditional concrete piles by having steel tendons that are tensioned prior to the concrete being cast. The resulting pile has the characteristics of high strength concrete. This induced compressive strength in turn reduces the need for full length traditional longitudinal and helical reinforcement, leading to a robust concrete pile that is both economic and more environmentally friendly to produce.

Our facility conveniently located off Junction 30 of the M1, for convenient UK wide pile distribution. Having our own facility allows us greater control with lead time and stock management, plus piles can be driven sooner after being cast. Manufacturing 200mm and 250mm sq. piles from 4m in length increasing in 1m increments up to a maximum length of 15m; piles can be jointed using joints where soil conditions dictate.

Green Piling’s precast concrete piles are an efficient form of piling, generating no spoil for costly disposal; suitable for a wide range of ground conditions and are typically more economically advantageous than other piling systems as no spoil removal is required, higher production rates are attainable and piles are left ready for immediate follow on construction.